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【Reprinting】Well Wishes for CAS' 70th Birthday fro... (11/01/2019)
Seminar:“Advancing Soil-Sensors and -Measurements” (06/08/2016)
Dr. Hao Feng invited to visit UofA, Canada (05/23/2016)
Dr. Wang Fei participating UNEP Global Environmental... (04/08/2015)
ProfessorYongqing Ma was invited and made a speech o... (04/08/2015)
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Project information of DESIRE
Creeping desertification around the world affects more than 250 million people. A newly launched research project is working to fight the phenomenon with new conservation strategies.
  Funded under the EU's Sixth Framework Programme (FP6), the DESIRE project is international, bringing together ...
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Academic report[06/08]

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Comparison of soil erodibility factors in USLE ...[11/23]

A preliminary investigation of the dynamic char...[01/14]

Accumulation of nitrate-N in the soil pro?le a...[01/14]

Comparative Study on Disturbed and Undisturbed ...[01/13]

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